At Point Cook Senior SC uniform will be selected from a prescribed range of garments; these can be purchased from a commercial outlet at Noone Imagewear, Hoppers Crossing.


Uniform price list 2019 Point Cook Senior uniform price list

The compulsory aspects of the uniform are:

1. Footwear will be black, polishable leather shoes with a low heel (not boots above the ankle, not skate or canvas shoes or any other variation of sport shoe).

2. During Terms Two and Three the outer garment worn to and from the college must be either the blazer, jumper or spray jacket from the range. Blazers can be retained by students coming to the college from Carranballac, but must be re-pocketed with the PCSSC logo. During Terms Two and Three students may also wear the college scarf.

3. Socks must be plain white or navy blue and must cover the ankle bone. During Terms Two and Three students have the option of wearing navy blue or black tights.

4. Ties are to be worn at all times (except for students wearing summer dresses), except when students are directed to remove them in the case of warm weather.

5. If a hijab is worn, it must be white, maroon, black or navy blue. When a hijab is worn the student can then be excused from wearing a college tie. A long skirt in the uniform colours is available but must be ordered, no other colour should be worn.

Due to the requirement to ensure student safety from the sun a hat is recommended to be worn at any time that students are exposed to the sun.

All levels of the college community have been consulted in the selection of uniform and it will be checked on a daily basis. Students who fail to meet the uniform requirements will face a range of sanctions included in the Uniform Code which may include being asked to return home to change.

Any family facing financial difficulty in supplying the uniform should contact the college directly so that support, if available, can be provided.